How The Sumerians Became Rich, John Alan Halloran

Forthcoming book announcement! John Alan Halloran's 428-page book How The Sumerians Became Rich will be published by the fall of 2021.
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Between 7000 BC and 2000 BC the Sumerians built a high civilization. Seeing their orderly and prosperous lives, their neighbors sought to emulate them. We know about the Sumerians from all the hundreds of thousands of clay tablets that they and their Babylonian successors created.

The Sumerians progressed from proto-writing for accounting purposes to true writing for recording language around 3000 BC. The inhabitants of Sumer and Mesopotamia wrote to each other by impressing their cuneiform signs into clay for the next 3,000 years.

John Halloran has loved the Sumerians and their language since he created in 1983 the first version of his 2006 Sumerian Lexicon dictionary. He now finds it possible to explore and summarize the achievements of the Sumerians using his intimate knowledge of Sumerian language and culture and put it all within a larger framework that contrasts life in a state of nature with life in a state of civilization. You will see for yourself that the Sumerians pioneered long-lasting social and technological solutions to many of the same issues that we face today.

How The Sumerians Became Rich draws upon the latest findings of many archaeologists and scholars, whose works appear listed in the Bibliography, to such an extent that it would have been premature for this book to appear any earlier. This is particularly true of the 100-page Sumerian cuneiform sign list that appears at the end of the book.

You should come to appreciate the dynamism of the independent but networked Sumerian cities. That network gave the best innovations a chance to be tested and to take root. For most of Sumerian history, they lived in uncrowded and peaceful conditions. They welcomed immigrants. However, towards the end, overcrowding led to conflict and war.

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