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A series devoted to primary sources and interpretive analyses for the study of Mesopotamian civilization and its influence, from late prehistoric times to the end of the cuneiform tradition.

1. Old Sumerian and Old Akkadian Texts in Philadelphia, Chiefly from Nippur. Part 1: Literary and Lexical Texts, and the Earliest Administrative Documents from Nippur, Aage Westenholz. 1975. Pp. xii + 210 + 3 pls.

   Cloth ISBN 008-1 $35.00

2/1. Babylonian Planetary Omens. Part 1: Venus Tablet, E. Reiner and D. Pingree. 1975. Pp. 64.

   Paper ISBN 010-3 $20.00

2/2. Babylonian Planetary Omens. Part 2: Enumu Anu Enlil, Tablets 50-51, Erica Reiner and D. Pingree. 1981. Pp. 100.

   Paper ISBN 049-9 $20.00

3. Inscriptions from Al-Hiba-Lagash, the First and Second Seasons (reprinted with addenda), R. D. Biggs. 1992. Pp. 45 + 2 pls.

   Paper ISBN 017-0 $11.00

9. Gli eponimi medio-assiri, Claudio Saporetti. 1979. Pp. viii + 184.

   Cloth ISBN 037-5 $44.00

   Paper ISBN 046-4 $31.00

10. Terqa Preliminary Reports, 10: The Fourth Season, Giorgio Buccellati. 1979. Pp. 94 + 36 pl. + 18 foldouts.

   Paper ISBN 043-X $32.00

11. Les sattuku dans l'Esumesa durant la période d'Isin et Larsa, Rene Marcel Sigrist. 1984. Pp. 195.

   Paper ISBN 048-0 $43.00

12. The Rituals of the Diviner, Ivan Starr. 1983. Pp. x + 145.

   Paper ISBN 064-2 $29.00

13. An Early Village Site at Zawi Chemi Shanidar, Rose L. Solecki. 1981. Pp. vi + 101 + 13 pl.

   Paper ISBN 068-5 $21.00

14. Salinity and Irrigation Agriculture in Antiquity: Diayala Basin Archaeological Projects, 1957-58, Thorkild Jacobsen. 1982. Pp. xii + 94 + 20 pls.

   Paper ISBN 092-8 $26.00

15. Catalogue of Artifacts in the Babylonian Collection of the Lowie Museum of Anthropology, Yoko Tomabechi. 1984. Pp. xii + 68 + 16 pls.

   Paper ISBN 106-1 $35.00

16. Terqa Final Reports, No. 1: L'Archive de Puzurum, O. Rouault. 1984. Pp. xxii + 92 + 20 pls.

   Paper ISBN 102-9 $26.00

17. Old Babylonian Texts from Kish Conserved in the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, V. Donbaz and N. Yoffee. 1986. Pp. viii + 92 + 8 pls.

   Cloth ISBN 087-1 $36.00

   Paper ISBN 086-3 $23.00

18. Frauen in Altsumerischer Zeit, Julia M. Asher-Greve. 1985. Pp. xxii + 223 + 32 pls.

   Paper ISBN 162-2 $50.00

19. Studies in Ishchali Documents, Samuel Greengus. 1986. Pp. 252.

   Cloth ISBN 166-5 $49.00

    Paper ISBN 167-3 $39.00

20. Mozan 1: The Soundings of the First Two Seasons, G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati. 1988. Pp. x + 140 + 24 pls.

   Cloth ISBN 195-9 $31.00

   Paper ISBN 194-0 $22.00

21. Insight through Images: Studies in Honor of Edith Porada, M. Kelly-Buccellati, P. Matthiae, and M. van Loon, Eds. Contributors: P. Amiet, R. Amiran, F. Baffi Guardata, R. D. Barnett, P. Beck, J. Boardman & R. Moorey, R. M. Boehmer, M. A. Brandes, D. Collon, R. Dolce, R. H. Dyson, Jr., & M. V. Harris, D. Homès-Fredericq, B. Hrouda, V. Karageorghis, M. Kelly-Buccellati, E. Klengel-Brandt, B. Mallowan, J.-C. Margueron, R. Mayer-Opificius, S. Mazzoni, U. Moortgat-Correns, H. J. Nissen, Nimet Ozgüç, S. M. Paley, F. Pinnock, U. Seidl, S. Shaath, M. van Loon, I. J. Winter. Pp. x + 268 + 64 pls.

   Paper ISBN 189-4 $45.00

22. The Oriental Institute Excavations at Selenkahiye, Syria: Terra-Cotta Figurines and Model Vehicles, Harold Liebowitz; M. van Loon, Ed. 1988. Pp. xiv + 60 + 34 pls.

   Cloth ISBN 105-3 $23.00

   Paper ISBN 104-5 $16.00

23. Studies in the Chronology and Regional Style of Old Babylonian Cylinder Seals, Lamia al-Gailani Werr. 1988. Pp. x + 110 + 44 pls. + photos.

   Paper ISBN 172-X $21.00

24. The Late Babylonian Texts of the Oriental Institute Collection, D. Weisberg. 1991. Pp. viii + 87 + 131 pls.

   Paper ISBN 300-5 $21.00

25. New Horizons in the Study of Ancient Syria, M. Chavalas and J. Hayes, Eds. Contributors: M. W. Chavalas, M. C. Astour, G. M. Beckman, D. E. Fleming, C. H. Gordon, W. W. Hallo, H. A. Hoffner, Jr., D. I. Owen. 1992. Pp. 260.

   Cloth ISBN 324-2 $41.00

   Paper ISBN 323-4 $31.00

26. Urkesh/Mozan Studies 3—Urkesh and the Hurrians: A Volume in Honor of Lloyd Cotsen, G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati, Eds. Contributors: G. Buccellati, E. Elster, M. K. Buccellati, F. Buccellati, R. Hauser, P. Steinkeller, M. Salvini, G. Wilhelm, V. Vs. Ivanov, H. A. Hoffner, Jr. 1998. Pp. 212 + 15 pls. 1999

   Cloth ISBN 501-4 $35.00

   Paper ISBN 502-2 $25.00

See also PDS 2, A Slide Atlas and EE3, A Compact Disk (at end of this list)

27. Urkesh/Mozan Studies 4—Gli Opifici di Urkesh: Conservazione e restauro a Tell Mozan, Atti della Tavola Rotondo tenuta presso L'Opificio delle Pietre Dure, Firenze, 23 Novembre 1999, a cura di Sophie Bonetti. Contributors: Cristina Acidini, Giorgio Bonsanti, Maurizio Michelucci, Sophie Bonetti, Giorgio Buccellati, Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, Beatrice Angelli, Peter Pfalzner, Federico Buccellati, Paolo Emilio Pecorella, Lanfredo Castelletti, Giacomo Chiari. 2002. Pp. 106, 16 figs., 28 ill.

   Paper ISBN 511-1 $30.00

See also EE4, A Compact Disk (at end of this list)

28. Reading Figurines, Animal Representations in Terracotta from Urkesh (Tell Mozan), Rick Hauser. 2007. 600pp., profusely illustrated.

   Paper ISBN 515-4 $60.00

   Cloth ISBN 514-6 $70.00

29. Terqa Final Reports 2, Les textes des Saisons 5 à 9, Olivier Rouault. 2011. 158 pp.

   Paper ISBN 978-0-9798937-1-1 $35.00 OUT OF STOCK



A series devoted to computer systems and applications in the field of the Near East. The significance of the substantive topics covered is accorded comparable weight to the technical aspects of data processing. Special emphasis is given to a detailed documentation of programs, to be written preferably in micro supported software such as Basic and Pascal.

1/1. Terqa Preliminary Reports, No. 12: Digital Plotting of Archaeological Floor Plans, G. Buccellati and O. Rouault.


1/2. Elements pour un logiciel Assyriologique, O. Rouault.



A series meant to serve the needs of the specialized field that is closely identified with the study of Assyrian as a dialect of Akkadian and with the history of Assyria as a special aspect of Mesopotamian civilization, from early times to the end of the Assyrian empire.

1/2. Some Considerations on the Stelae of Assur, C. Saporetti.


1/3. A. Leo Oppenheim, 1904-1974, G. Buccellati and A. D. Kilmer. Notes on Some Nineveh Horse Lists, F. M. Fales.


1/9. A Nuzi Private Archive: Morphological Considerations, M. P. Maidman.


2/2. Hurrian Personal Names in the Rimah Archives, J. Sasson.


2/3. The Arena of Tiglath-pileser III's Campaign against Sarduri II (743 B.C.), M. C. Astour.


2/4. Assyrian Documents in the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva, J. N. Postgate.


2/5. Collations to Neo-Assyrian Legal Texts from Nineveh, S. Parpola.


3/1. Documents d'epoque medio-assyrienne, M.-J. Aynard and J.-M. Durand. Review of BM 6, P. Amiet.


3/2. Provincial Governance in Middle Assyria, P. Machinist.


3/3. A Mediterranean Seascape from Khorsabad, P. Albenda.


3/4. STT 366: Deutungsversuch 1982, Gab es einen König von Arraphe namens Mus-teja? Die Affen des Schwarzen Obelisken midlu "Pökelfleisch," K. Deller. Rekonstruktion von VTE 438 auf Grund von Erra III A17, K. Watanabe.


4/1. Khabur Ware and Nuzi Ware, D. Stein.


4/2. Neo-Assyrian Sculptures from Saddekanni (Tell Ajaja), A. Mahmoud.


4/3. Assyrians in Chaldean and Achaemanian Babylonia, R. Zadok. (1984)



A series devoted to the study of the civilizations of ancient Iraq and Syria from late prehistory to the First Millennium B.C., providing an outlet for the publication of primary sources and a forum for the archaeological, historical, and linguistic analysis of pertinent phenomena.

1/1. Syro-Mesopotanian Studies: A Preface, G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati; Thoughts about Ibla, I. J. Gelb.


1/2. An Archaic Recording System and the Origin of Writing, D. Schmandt-Besserat.


2/1. The Rabbeans, M. C. Astour.


2/2. The Royal Palace of Ebla, P. Matthiae.


2/3. The Neo-Sumerian Silver Ring Texts, P. Michalowski.


2/5. TPR 5: Die Industrie der Islamischen Keramik aus der zweiten Season, A. Mahmoud.


3/1. Catalogue des sceaux-cylinders d'Adana, O. Tunca.


3/2. TPR 8: Object Typology of the Third Season: The Third and Second Millennia, L. Mount-Williams.


3/3. Les niveaux superieurs du Tell Abou Danne, Chantier A—1977/78, R. Tefnin.


3/4. TPR 11: Sourcing Techniques for Ceramics and Soils, N. M. Magalousis et al.


4/2. Alakah Levels VI and V: A Chronological Reassessment, M. Carre Gates.


4/3. The Descent of Inanna as a Ritual Journey to Kutha? G. Buccellati. A Catalogue of Near Eastern Venus Deities, W. Heimpel.


4/4. Qraya Modular Reports, 1: Early Soundings, K. Simpson.


5/1. Mozan 2: The Epigraphic Finds of the Sixth Season, L. Milano.


5/2. Five Tablets from the Southern Wing of Palace G at Ebla, Alfonso Archi (1993)



A series devoted to aspects of the Near East not covered by the other monographic series. Archaeology, philology, linguistics, and history are included, from ancient to modern times, from the Caucasus to the Gulf, from the Indus to the Nile.

1/2. Making Stone Vases: Studies at an Alabaster Workshop in Upper Egypt, R. F. Heizer and T. R. Hester.


1/3. Photographic Heritage of the Middle East (1849-1893), P. Chevedden.


2/1. Ancient Seals and the Bible, L. Gorelick and E. Williams-Forte.


2/2. Palestinian Objects at the University of Minnesota, W. Coulson.




Anthroponymie et Anthropologie de Nuzi, Vol. I: Les Anthroponymes, E. Cassin and J.-G. Glassner. 1977. Pp. 187.

   Cloth ISBN 024-3 $52.00


A collection of practical volumes to be used in teaching and research in Ancient Near Eastern studies, with the flexibility needed to accommodate diverse formats. Manuals, workbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, exercise books, chronological tables and the like are some of the series.

1. English-Egyptian Index of Faulkner's Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian, D. Shennum. 1977. Pp. 178.

   Paper ISBN 054-5 $23.00

3. A Workbook of Cuneiform Signs, D. Snell. 1979. Pp. 140.

   Paper ISBN 058-8 $18.00

4. Dated Texts from Mari: A Tabulation, Jack M. Sasson. 1980. Packaged text, worksheets


5. A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts, 3rd Ed. (2018) J. Hayes.

   Paper ISBN 978-0-9798937-4-2 $50.00

   Cloth ISBN 978-0-9798937-3-5 (package weighs over 4 pounds) $65.00


I. Essays in Islamic Art and Architecture, Abbas Daneshvari, Ed. 1981. Pp. 138 + many pl.

   Paper ISBN 110-X $18.00

   Student edition* ISBN 506-5 $10.00


A series devoted to promoting some of the latest ideas about, and developing insights into, various aspects of the Middle East. The volumes are drawn from the contributions of noted scholars in their respective fields and reflect the interactions of scholars and non-experts in discussions, seminars, and exhibitions held at the University of Texas.

2. Immortal Egypt, D. Schmandt-Besserat, Ed. Contributors: D. Schmandt-Besserat, G. R. Hughes, K. W. Butzer, W. K. Simpson, H. A. Liebowitz, T. A. Wertime, L. M. Gallery, C. Aldred. 1978. Pp. 62 + 47 pls.

   Cloth ISBN 056-1 $30.00

   Paper ISBN 057-X $18.00


A system of fascicles that makes available original documents in English translations (sources) and important studies by modern scholars (monographs) as a contribution to the study of the history, religion, literature, art, and archaeology of the Ancient Near East.


1/1. The Sumerian Temple City [1954], A. Falkenstein.


1/4. The Conceptual Autonomy of the Babylonian World [1926], B. Landsberger.


1/7. Old-Canaanite Cuneiform Texts of the Third Millennium [1975], G. Pettinato.


2/2. Explaining Trade in Ancient Western Asia, N. Yoffee.


2/3. Studies in Babylonian Feudalism of the Kassite Period [1943], K. Balkan.


2/4. The Role of the Temple from the Third Dynasty of Ur to the First Dynasty of Babylon [1953], F. Kraus; B. Foster, Trans.


3/1. Monumental Art of the Assyrian Empire: Dynamics of Composition Styles, Pauline Albenda. Pp. 56 + 29 pls. 1998



1/1. The Akkadian Namburbi Texts: An Introduction, R. I. Caplice.


1/4. Hittite Birth Rituals, G. Beckman.


2/1. Reconstructing History from Ancient Inscriptions: The Lagash-Umma Border Conflict, J. S. Cooper.


2/2. A Hurrian Musical Score from Ugarit: The Discovery of Mesopotamian Music, M. Duchesne-Guillemin.

history and score $9.00;

CD $9.00

2/3. The Harab Myth, Thorkild Jacobsen.


A collection of series devoted to the results of electronic data processing of Mesopotamian materials, both philological and artifactual.


1. Assur 14446: la famiglia "A", C. Saporetti. 1979. Pp. 140.

   Paper ISBN 036-7 $16.00

2. Le leggi medioassire, C. Saporetti. 1979. Pp. 181.

   Paper ISBN 036-7 $16.00


2. The Middle Assyrian Laws, C. Saporetti. 1984. Pp. xii + 117.

   Paper ISBN 120-7 $12.00

Data Files, Texts 1: Terqa Data Bases. Texts in ASCII format, plus introductory files, per disk


Data Files, Texts 2: The Middle Assyrian Laws. Texts in ASCII format, plus introductory files, per disk


ARED—Archivi Reali di Ebla, (Edizione) Digitale
1. Texts of ARET I-V; VII-IX; XI, Lucio Milano. 2011. CD.

   CD ISBN 978-0-9798937-2-8 $10.00



A series that seeks to provide concise descriptions of individual languages that belong to the Afroasiatic language family. It is directed toward both students of one or several Afroasiatic languages and students of linguistics. The series is data-oriented. ALL VOLUMES OUT OF STOCK


A series that includes contributions in linguistics within the vast domain of Afroasiatic (Hamito-Semitic) languages. Articles of general and theoretical interest, using Afroasiatic material—descriptive, historical, and comparative studies—are included.

1/1. The Hausa Aspect System, P. Newman and R. G. Schuh.


1/2. The Development of the Anomalous Syriac Verb eskáh 'to find,' J. L. Malone.


1/3. Extrinsic Ordering in Classical Arabic, R. Hetzron.


1/4. Verb Complements and Relative Clauses in Biblical Hebrew, T. Givón.


1/5. The Modern South Arabian Languages, T. M. Johnstone.


1/6. Indicator Particles in Somali, B. W. Andrzejewski.


1/7. Graphemics and Diachrony: Evidence from Hebrew, H. Minkoff.


2/1. Subject and Object in Biblical Aramaic, D. R. Cohen.


2/2. Phonological Channels in Chala, C. D. Johnson. The t-Converb in Western Gurage, R. Hetzron.


2/3. Reference to Quantification in Gaza, A. Barnea. The Survival of Obsolete Hebrew in Idiomatic Expressions, R. Nir.


2/7. Systematic vs. Autonomous Phoenemics, J. L. Malone.


2/10. Bibliographical Bulletin.


3/1. The Chadic Verbal System and its Afroasiatic Nature, R. G. Schuh.


3/4. Schwa Insertion in Berber, J. Saib.


5/3. Word Formation Strategies in the Hebrew Verb System, S. Bolozky.


5/4. On the Complexity of Some Types of Complex Sentences in Arabic, J. Rosenhouse.


5/6. Semantic Parameters in Angas Kinship Terminology, D. A. Burquest.


6/1. Theoretical Implications of Consonant Sequence Constraints, M. Barkai. The Ordering of Hebrew Morphological Processes, Z. Bar-Lev.


6/2. The Sam Languages, B. Heine.


6/3. Lexical Decomposition and Lexical Unity in Hebrew, R. A. Berman.


6/4. Bibliographical Bulletin.


6/5. Grammatical Categories of Verb Stems in Chadic, E. Wolff.


6/6. The IIwy Verbs and the Vowel System of Proto-West Semitic, A.M.R. Aristar.


7/1. Consonant Phonemes of Proto-East-Cushitic, H.-J. Sasse.


7/2. Love through Death in Modern Hebrew: A Syntactic Treatment, Z. Malisdorf.


7/3. The Syntax of Indicator Particles in Somali: Relative Clause Construction, F. Antinucci and A. Puglielli.


7/4. Paradigm Coherence: Evidence from Modern Hebrew, S. Bolozky. Oriental Israeli Hebrew: A Study in Phonetics, M. Devens.


7/5. The Sequential Forms in Late Egyptian and Biblical Hebrew: A Parallel Development of Verbal Systems, A. Loprieno.


7/6. Aphasic Evidence for Lexical and Phonological Representations, M. Barkai.


8/1. Morphophonemics of the Verb in Rendille, R. J. Sim. Gender and Plurality in Rendille, A. Oomen.


8/2. Central Somali: A Grammatical Outline, J. I. Saeed.


8/3. The Development of the Participle in Biblical, Mishnaic, and Modern Hebrew, A. Gordon.


8/4. Bibliographic Bulletin, R. Hetzron and R. G. Schuh, Eds.


9/1. The Phonology of Akkadian Syllable Structure; Predicative State and Inflection of the Nominal Predicate in Akkadian and Syriac, E. Greenstein and A. Gai.


9/2. Markedness Relations in the Pronunciation of the Prefixed Particles in Modern Hebrew; Analogy and Regularization in Morpho-phonemic Changes; The Case of Weak Verbs in Post-Biblical and Colloquial Modern Hebrew, O. Schwarzwald, G. Saad, and S. Bolozky.



Embraces linguistic and lexical studies of the Afroasiatic (Hamito-Semitic) language group. Volumes in the series are devoted to both primary data and comparative analysis.

1. A Dictionary of Nigerian Arabic (English/Nigerian), A. S. Kaye. 1983. Pp. xvi + 92.

   Paper ISBN 101-0 $28.00

3. Nigerian Arabic-English Dictionary, A. S. Kaye. 1986. Pp. viii + 90.

   Cloth ISBN 190-8 $40.00

   Paper ISBN 191-6 $30.00



A series that presents proceedings of colloquia in comparative literature and the arts.

1. The Dream and the Play: Ionesco's Theatrical Quest, M. Lazar, Ed.

   Paper ISBN 108-8 $21.00

2. The Anxious Subject: Nightmares and Daymares in Literature and Film, M. Lazar, Ed.

   Paper ISBN 116-9 $21.00

4. Discovering the Other: Humanities East and West, R. Ellwood, Ed.

   Paper ISBN 151-7 $21.00

5. The Dove and the Mole: Kafka's Journey in-to Darkness and Creativity, M. Lazar and R. Gottesman, Eds.

   Cloth ISBN 251-3 $32.00

   Paper ISBN 250-5 $21.00

6. Zen in American Life and Letters, R. Ellwood, Ed.

   Cloth ISBN 261-0 $32.00

   Paper ISBN 260-2 $21.00



A series that complements ARTANES by furnishing practical volumes to be used in teaching and research in Near Eastern studies in medieval and modern periods.

1. Handlist of Arabic Medical Manuscripts in the Research Library, UCLA, N. Gallagher. 1983. Pp. xx + 24.

   Paper ISBN 128-2 $9.00


A series devoted to the legacy of Classical and Byzantine Greek, especially in medieval and modern times. Contributions come from the field of philology, history of law, literature and art, anthropology, folklore, political science, and history.



    3140 GOLD CAMP DRIVE #50



The Giorgio Levi Della Vida Medal of the Gustav E. von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies, UCLA, is awarded biennially to recognize outstanding scholars whose work has significantly advanced the study of Islamic civilization.

7. Islamic Studies: A Tradition and its Problems, M. Kerr, Ed. 1980. Pp. 142.

   Paper ISBN 069-3 Out of Print

8. Islam's Understanding of Itself, R. G. Hovannisian and S. Vryonis, Jr., Eds. 1983. Pp. 150.

   Paper ISBN 135-5 $26.00

9. Ethics in Islam, R. G. Hovannisian, Ed. 1985. Pp. 128.

   Paper ISBN 182-7 $26.00


Issued under the auspices of the G. E. von Grunebaum Center for Near Eastern Studies, UCLA.

2. Islamic Geomancy and a Thirteenth-Century Divinatory Device, E. Savage-Smith and M. B. Smith. 1980. Pp. xii + 91.

   Paper ISBN 038-3 $19.00

4. Tribalism and Society in Islamic Iran, 1500-1629, J. J. Reid. 1983. Pp. xiv + 220.

   Paper ISBN 124-X $24.00


A Computerized Listing of Biographical Data from the yatimat al-dahr by al-Tha alibi, E. Rowson and S. A. Bonebakker. 1980. Pp. viii + 101.

   Paper ISBN 044-8 $24.00

The History of Geography: Translations of Some French and German Essays, G. Dunbar, Ed. Martonne, P. Claval, P. Pinchemel, H. Wagner, A. Hettner, H. Beck, Biobibliography, 1983. Pp. 121.

   Paper ISBN 148-7 $14.00


A series that seeks to foster a better understanding of a crucial period in the history of Western civilization. Included are contributions by noted scholars in the fields of history, philosophy, religion, and science. Issued under the auspices of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA.

3. The Politics of an Erasmian Lawyer, Vasco de Quiroga [bishop of Michoacan, Mexico], R. Dealy. 1976. Pp. 33.

   Paper ISBN 015-4 $6.00

4. Persian Medical Manuscripts at the University of California, Los Angeles: A Descriptive Catalogue, L. Richter-Bernburg. 1978. Pp. xxiv + 297.

   Cloth ISBN 026-X $57.00

5. Rhetoric and Poetic in Thomas More's "Utopia," A. F. Kinney. 1979. Pp. 36.

   Paper ISBN 025-1 $9.00

6. Tenth-Century Latinity: [bishop] Rather of Verona, Peter L. D. Reid. 1981. Pp. 139 + indexes.

   Paper ISBN 070-7 $23.00

7. Ovid's "Metamorphoses": An Index to the 1632 Commentary of George Sandys, C. Grose. 1981. Pp. 154.

   Cloth ISBN 074-X $36.00

   Paper ISBN 073-1 $26.00

8. The Discourse of [Machiavelli's] "Il Principe," M. McCanles. 1983. Pp. 154.

   Paper ISBN 149-5 $26.00



In this series, descriptive, methodological, and theoretical texts are devoted to the exploration of a new frontier of research that results from the anthropologist's experience of many and varied realities.

1. Introduction to Aesthetic Anthropology, J. Maquet. 1971. Pp. 110.

   Paper ISBN 041-3 $12.00

2. On Linguistic Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1979], J. Greenberg, D. Hymes, and P. Friedrich. 1980. Pp. 140.

   Paper ISBN 062-6 $13.00

3. On Symbols in Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1980], J. Fernandez, M. Spiro, and M. Singer. 1982. Pp. vi + 134.

   Paper ISBN 090-1 $16.00

5. On Marxian Perspectives in Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1981], J. Maquet, Sidney Mintz, Maurice Godelier, and Bruce Trigger. 1985. Pp. vi + 98.

   Paper ISBN 179-7 $16.00

6. On the Evolution of Complex Societies: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1982], W. Sanders, H. Wright, and R. McAdams. 1984. Pp. viii + 128.

   Paper ISBN 139-8 $19.00

7. On Evolutionary Anthropology: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoijer [1983], B. J. Williams, L. L. Cavalli-Sforza, H. Harpending, P. Draper, and S. Stanley. 1986. Pp. 104.

   Cloth ISBN 170-3 $26.00

   Paper ISBN 171-1 $16.00

9. The Persistence of Religions: Essays in Honor of Kees Bolle, S. J. Denning-Bolle and E. Gerow, Eds. Contributors: S. Denning-Bolle, S. Cain, J. Long, J. Kitagawa, J. Bregman, R. Ferwerda, K. van Kooij, A. Aronowicz, M. H. van Voss, S. Sharbrough, A. Sharma, P. North, T. Jacobsen, G. Buccellati, W. Johnson, C. Grottanelli, B. Thorp, J. Hollenback, R. Talbott, W. Dupré, E. Gerow, L. Raskind, J. Lane, R. Hecht & R. Friedland, N. Smart, B. Lincoln, W. Malandra, R. Mellor, J. Hoftijzer, K. Bolle. 1996. Pp. xxii + 444.

   Paper ISBN 500-1 $45.00


(1) Hurrian Music score and CD: see SANE 2/2.

(3) Terqa: The First Six Seasons, G. Buccellati and R. Hauser. Color Videotape, 30 min.


(4) PDS 2. Urkesh and the Hurrians: Studies in Honor of Lloyd Cotsen (BM 26): A Slide Atlas. (1999). 20 color slides of work in progress


(5) EE 3. Urkesh and the Hurrians: Studies in Honor of Lloyd Cotsen. Compact Disk contains complete text and illustrations (BM 26), including 20 color slides (PDS 2) (2001)


(6) Unwrapping Urkesh. Color Videotape (2001)


(7) EE 4. Gli Opifici di Urkesh: Conservazione e restauro a Tel Mozan (see BM 27). Complete text and figures on Compact Disk


(8) Digital edition of texts from the Ebla Royal Archives on CD: see Cybernetica Mesopotamica, ARED 1.

*Student edition = the complete book but unbound.

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